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Filming scenes of "Djali" in the Greene Science Center (Photo courtesy of Zenna Tavares)

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Tools & Technology June 20, 2023

Cuttlefish Brain Atlas First of Its Kind

The dwarf cuttlefish, with skin that changes color based on what it sees and feels, could help neuroscientists ask and answer new questions

News June 14, 2023

Zuckerman Scientists Named McKnight Scholars

Drs. Yasmine El-Shamayleh, Vikram Gadagkar and Ishmail Abdus-Saboor win support for research excellence and inclusion in the lab.

The Senses June 14, 2023

Reading the Minds of Electric Fish

Elephantnose fish show us how the brain filters the senses, a must for survival

News May 24, 2023

Meet Davys Lopez

How did this skateboarding drummer discover a passion for fruit fly genetics? Meet Davys Lopez, a graduate student in the Mann Lab.

Decision Making May 22, 2023

Mental Landscape: How Does a Fruit Fly Stack the Survival Deck?

A decade of watching fruit flies lay eggs has revealed a means of neural control that adds flexibility to instinctive behavior

News May 17, 2023

Meet Ikenna Nebo

How is this science major from the Bronx helping to nurture the next generation of researchers? Meet Ikenna Nebo, a public engagement officer in the Public Programs team.

News May 9, 2023

Two Zuckerman Scientists Get Boost for Excellent, Inclusive Research

Drs. Bianca Jones Marlin and Ishmail Abdus-Saboor are recognized for their leading-edge research and inclusive lab cultures

Disease April 27, 2023

What a New Precision Psychiatry Center Means for Mental Health

A Q&A with Joseph Gogos, MD, PhD

News April 26, 2023

Meet Andrew Po Fung Liu

How did contracting COVID compel a physicist to study the senses? Meet Andrew Po Fung Liu, a graduate student in the Behnia Lab.

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