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Trans-entorhinal cortex (orange) of a mouse brain, as imaged by fMRI (Credit: Jia Guo / Columbia University)

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News October 6, 2021

Meet Shivani Bigler

What does a middle child and stand-up comic study about the brain? Meet Shivani Bigler, graduate student in the Siegelbaum Lab

Movement October 5, 2021

Zuckerman Institute’s Rui Costa Wins NIH Director's Pioneer Award

$5.67 million award will fund research into how the brain influences the body and impacts health

News September 30, 2021

2020 Year in Review

New Report Highlights How Our Institute Adapted, Responded and Thrived in A Challenging Year

Decision Making September 30, 2021

Columbia-led Team Awarded $18.3 Million from BRAIN Initiative to Research Decision-Making

Columbia-led Team Awarded $18.3 Million from BRAIN Initiative to Research Decision-Making

News September 29, 2021

Meet Marissa Applegate

How did video games put a child on the path to neuroscience? Meet Marissa Applegate, graduate student in the Aronov Lab

Growth & Development September 27, 2021

Scientists Closer to Understanding How Diverse Neurons are Made

A Q&A with neuroscientists and fruit fly experts Minoree Kohwi and Tanguy Lucas

Tools & Technology September 23, 2021

New Map of Mouse Spinal Cord Provides a Reference for Science and Disease

3-D atlas of the entire mouse spinal cord may help reveal how the nerve cells there work and how to repair them

The Senses September 20, 2021

An Ode to Scientists

A Q&A with Washington Heights Muralist DISTER

Growth & Development August 11, 2021

Scientists Identify Specific Gene Tied to Growth and Health of Brain Cells in Flies and Mice

Wnk gene offers new insights into how axons elaborate and maintain their complex morphology, with implications for neural degeneration and repair

Evolution August 5, 2021

Flies with Four Wings? Investigating Genes that Pattern Animal Bodies

A Q&A with Richard Mann and Ryan Loker

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