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Participants in the Black Undergraduate Mentorship Program in the Biological Sciences share posters about their research on Nov. 4 at BUMP's first annual research symposium, held in the Education Lab at the Zuckerman Institute. Photo credit: Ivan Amato/Zuckerman Institute

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A Portrait of the Scientist: Sharon Su

Meet a musician from Oakland studying vision

Mental Landscapes: Shaping a Fly

A new look at nerve cells linked to complicated movements that require many steps.

News July 18, 2022

2021 Year in Review

New Report Highlights Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute Activities and Achievements in 2021

Tools & Technology July 18, 2022

A Portrait of the Scientist: Elom Amematsro

Meet a sports fan from Utah using math to understand movement

Tools & Technology July 11, 2022

A Portrait of the Scientist: Albana Kodra

Meet an Italian graduate student unraveling the architecture of DNA

Computation June 29, 2022

Computer Models Mimic Brain’s Ease in Telling Faces Apart

Models that perform statistical analyses of hundreds of visual clues point the way to understanding how our brains give us the ability to distinguish faces

News June 22, 2022

Meet Jared Boyce

How do social justice issues inform a research technician designing new experiments with mice? Meet Jared Boyce, Research Technician in the Abdus-Saboor Lab

News June 16, 2022

Meet Kanaka Rajan

How is one neuroscientist bridging math and art to make research more inclusive? Meet Kanaka Rajan, PhD, a Visiting Professor (from Mt. Sinai) atthe Center for Theoretical Neuroscience

News June 8, 2022

Meet Rui Costa

How did an early mentor inspire a future leader in neuroscience? Meet Rui Costa, DVM, PhD, Director and CEO of Columbia's Zuckerman Institute

News June 1, 2022

Pioneering Neuroscientist Eric Kandel to Retire

Statement by Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute

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