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In a fruit fly larva’s body wall, sensory cells detect gentle touch (green) and noxious stimuli (magenta) (credit: Samantha Galindo / Grueber lab / Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute)

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Learning & Memory January 25, 2023

Scientists Use Card Game to Probe Role of Memory–and Uncertainty–in Decision-Making

When making decisions, we rely on different kinds of memory. How does the brain decide which to use? New research suggests it depends on uncertainty.

Learning & Memory November 2, 2022

Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute Celebrates First Decade of Discovery

Showcase of research from experts on vision, memory and touch highlights progress and what’s to come

Learning & Memory March 17, 2022

Long-suspected Turbocharger for Memory Found in Brain Cells of Mice

Floods of calcium inside neurons can influence learning

Learning & Memory December 15, 2021

Meet Andrès Villegas

How did a neurodiverse family shape a scientist's interest in the brain? Meet Andrès Villegas, graduate student in the Siegelbaum lab

Learning & Memory December 8, 2021

New Findings Reveal How The Brain’s Memory Center Filters Out Unimportant Details

A study in mice that sheds light on how the brain remembers key details could one day help treat disorders impacting memory

Learning & Memory December 1, 2021

Brain Cells in Mice That Create Mental Maps Are More Connected Than Previously Thought

New techniques for monitoring small groups of brain cells in mice challenge a tenet of how neurons work together to form memories

Learning & Memory November 15, 2021

New Discovery Highlights the Power of Resting for Remembering

A new study in mice reveals how periods of rest help memory cells remember entire environments

The Senses October 27, 2021

How the Brain Perceives Landmarks

Mice navigating virtual environments reveal brain activity that adjusts mental maps.

Learning & Memory July 30, 2021

How the Brain Learns to Value the Road Not Taken

Study that asked people to pick paintings reveals bias in how memories of past decisions influence future decisions

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