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A painted pair of zebra finches, caught in a moment of courtship (Credit: Gadagkar lab, Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute).

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Learning & Memory September 27, 2023

How an Audience Changes a Songbird’s Brain

As a zebra finch becomes single-minded about impressing a possible mate, dopamine-releasing brain cells reflect his intentions

Learning & Memory July 10, 2023

This Dancer Explores Parenthood's Effects on the Brain

Meet Briana McRae, NB&B Graduate Program

Learning & Memory March 16, 2023

Why Do We Tell Stories?

A Conversation Between an Author and a Neuroscientist

Learning & Memory January 25, 2023

Scientists Use Card Game to Probe Role of Memory–and Uncertainty–in Decision-Making

When making decisions, we rely on different kinds of memory. How does the brain decide which to use? New research suggests it depends on uncertainty.

Learning & Memory November 2, 2022

Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute Celebrates First Decade of Discovery

Showcase of research from experts on vision, memory and touch highlights progress and what’s to come

Learning & Memory March 17, 2022

Long-suspected Turbocharger for Memory Found in Brain Cells of Mice

Floods of calcium inside neurons can influence learning

Learning & Memory December 15, 2021

Meet Andrès Villegas

How did a neurodiverse family shape a scientist's interest in the brain? Meet Andrès Villegas, a graduate student in the Siegelbaum Lab.

Learning & Memory December 8, 2021

New Findings Reveal How The Brain’s Memory Center Filters Out Unimportant Details

A study in mice that sheds light on how the brain remembers key details could one day help treat disorders impacting memory

Learning & Memory December 1, 2021

Brain Cells in Mice That Create Mental Maps Are More Connected Than Previously Thought

New techniques for monitoring small groups of brain cells in mice challenge a tenet of how neurons work together to form memories

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