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A painted pair of zebra finches, caught in a moment of courtship (Credit: Gadagkar lab, Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute).

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News July 26, 2023

Meet Diana Li

How did a rock concert set a teen on a path to science? Meet Diana Li, PhD, associate director of education and training initiatives.

News July 20, 2023

Columbia Access Neuroscience Opens More Pathways to PhDs

Students, mentors and faculty work to create a more inclusive future for neuroscientists

Tools & Technology July 18, 2023

This Vegetarian Builds Brainy Tools

Meet Elizabeth Brewer, NB&B Graduate Program

Learning & Memory July 14, 2023

This DJ Searches for Memory

Meet Abhishek Shah, NB&B Graduate Program

Learning & Memory July 10, 2023

This Dancer Explores Parenthood's Effects on the Brain

Meet Briana McRae, NB&B Graduate Program

News July 6, 2023

Zuckerman Institute Postdoctoral Seminars Champion Early-Career Scientists

Postdocs foster new connections and collaborations with gatherings and forums to share research

Decision Making July 5, 2023

This Curious Twin Studies Curiosity

Meet Michael Cohanpour, NB&B Graduate Program

Decision Making June 22, 2023

Have Researchers Glimpsed the Moment the Brain Commits to a Decision?

It’s one thing to mull over options. It’s another to actually choose one of them. What is happening in the deciding brain?

Tools & Technology June 20, 2023

Cuttlefish Brain Atlas First of Its Kind

The dwarf cuttlefish, with skin that changes color based on what it sees and feels, could help neuroscientists ask and answer new questions

News June 14, 2023

Zuckerman Scientists Named McKnight Scholars

Drs. Yasmine El-Shamayleh, Vikram Gadagkar and Ishmail Abdus-Saboor win support for research excellence and inclusion in the lab.

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