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Trans-entorhinal cortex (orange) of a mouse brain, as imaged by fMRI (Credit: Jia Guo / Columbia University)

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The Senses November 17, 2021

Solving a Mystery 60 Years Old: How Insect Vision Detects Motion

A Q&A with neuroscientists Rudy Behnia, Jessica Kohn and Jacob Portes

Learning & Memory November 15, 2021

New Discovery Highlights the Power of Resting for Remembering

A new study in mice reveals how periods of rest help memory cells remember entire environments

Tools & Technology November 10, 2021

Meet Abbas Rizvi

How did a space-exploring father inspire his son to investigate the brain? Meet Abbas Rizvi, PhD, associate research scientist.

Movement November 4, 2021

Mental Landscapes: The Brain-Spine Connection

A new look at nerve cells linked to complicated movements that require many steps.

Disease November 3, 2021

Meet Erica Rodriguez

How does a scientist who injured her back think about chronic pain in the brain? Meet Erica Rodriguez, PhD, postdoctoral research fellow in the Salzman lab.

The Senses October 27, 2021

How the Brain Perceives Landmarks

Mice navigating virtual environments reveal brain activity that adjusts mental maps.

Evolution October 27, 2021

Why Are Humans so Good at Learning?

New research highlights a genetic component to our species' mental abilities.

Disease October 26, 2021

Columbia Scientists and Team of Experts Awarded $9M to Investigate Early Parkinson's

Exploring the first stages of Parkinson's may lead to earlier diagnoses, therapies.

News October 20, 2021

Meet Ed Johnson

How did one scientist change one young New Yorker's life? Meet Ed Johnson, Assistant Director of Procurements and Accounts Payable.

News October 13, 2021

Meet Kerel Francis

How did a hurricane and floods lead to a career in science for a teen from the bronx? Meet Kerel Francis, lab manager & research assistant in the Bendesky Lab

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