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Tools & Technology April 11, 2022

Researchers Undertake Challenge to Image Every Cell in the Human Brain at Unprecedented Speed

Columbia-led team wins $9.1 million research grant to create fundamentally new maps that will chart cell diversity throughout the brains of humans.

News April 6, 2022

Meet Katie Insel

What is a neuroscientist who studies adolescents teaching the legal system? Meet Katie Insel, PhD, a postdoctoral research scientist in the Shohamy Lab.

News March 30, 2022

Meet Amy Vo

Why does a research technician’s work to repurpose drugs remind her of her grandmother? Meet Amy Vo, research technician in the Mason-Dodd lab.

News March 23, 2022

Meet Eugenie Peze-Heidsieck

How does neuroscience prepare you to go to space? Meet Eugenie Peze-Heidsieck, PhD, a postdoctoral researcher in the Polleux Lab in the running to become an astronaut.

Learning & Memory March 17, 2022

Long-suspected Turbocharger for Memory Found in Brain Cells of Mice

Floods of calcium inside neurons can influence learning

Growth & Development March 10, 2022

Meet Alexis Kim

How do neuroscience research and a family legacy intersect for a research technician? Meet Alexis Kim, research technician in the Marlin Lab.

Evolution March 9, 2022

Mental Landscapes: Introducing the Betta Fish

Genetic origins of their splendid colors and wavy shapes revealed

Disease March 4, 2022

Columbia Study Suggests Possible Common Thread Between Many Neurodegenerative Diseases

Discovery reveals that a protein normally involved in clearing cells of molecular debris can clump into fibrils, potentially hobbling cells.

The Senses February 28, 2022

Black History Month Spotlight: Ishmail Abdus-Saboor

A neurobiologist at Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute, Abdus-Saboor retraces his path to Columbia, explains his fascination with a rodent that rarely feels pain, and offers advice to aspiring Black scientists.

Disease February 16, 2022

Opioid’s Impact on the Brain Felt Across Generations, Study in Rats Suggests

New method for assessing pain and pain relief uncovers a neurological legacy of drug use, passed down genetically to male offspring.

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