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Chickadee caching a seed overlaid with a neural ‘barcode’ activity (Credit: Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute)

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Disease April 27, 2023

What a New Precision Psychiatry Center Means for Mental Health

A Q&A with Joseph Gogos, MD, PhD

Disease February 6, 2023

New View of Key Protein Found In Kidney and Brain Opens Avenues to Treating Diseases

Revelation of protein’s structural nuances point toward novel pharmaceutical approaches to chronic kidney disease, Alzheimer’s and other illnesses

Computation September 22, 2022

Raphaël Millière

The Philosophy of AI

Growth & Development September 22, 2022

Thiago Arzua

The Biological Origins of Intergenerational Trauma

Growth & Development September 20, 2022

Katie Insel

Inside the Adolescent Brain

Computation September 20, 2022

Laureline Logiaco

Modeling Movement in the Brain

Disease August 8, 2022

Emulating Schizophrenia in a Dish

A chance observation spawns a versatile new strategy for taking on some of humanity’s most vexing psychiatric disorders.

Disease March 4, 2022

Columbia Study Suggests Possible Common Thread Between Many Neurodegenerative Diseases

Discovery reveals that a protein normally involved in clearing cells of molecular debris can clump into fibrils, potentially hobbling cells.

Disease February 16, 2022

Opioid’s Impact on the Brain Felt Across Generations, Study in Rats Suggests

New method for assessing pain and pain relief uncovers a neurological legacy of drug use, passed down genetically to male offspring.

Disease February 2, 2022

Smell Loss with COVID-19 Begins in the Nuclear Hearts of the Nose’s Sensory Cells

Research collaboration teases out cellular and molecular mechanisms that underlie one of pandemic’s signature symptoms, with implications for other health conditions.

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