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Human brain-scan images show regions toward the back and front that are active for a person who is feeling curious. (Credit: Gottlieb Lab/Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute)

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The Senses July 8, 2024

Memory Center in Flies Linked to Smell Sheds Light on Sight

By tracing connections inside the fruit fly brain, Zuckerman Institute researchers hope to learn more about multisensory learning

Decision Making July 5, 2024

Brain-Imaging Study Reveals Curiosity as it Emerges

In a first, researchers link people’s subjective feelings of curiosity to the way their brains physically represent it

News July 1, 2024

2023-2024 Academic Year Reflections

Science, discovery and wonder: our year in review

News May 24, 2024

Columbia Undergraduates Convene at the Zuckerman Institute to Learn More About a Future in Neuroscience

Undergrads present their research and hear from faculty at day-long meeting

News May 24, 2024

Profiles in Excellence: Meet Some of Our Undergraduate Researchers

College researchers in Zuckerman Institute labs are investigating different aspects the brain

The Senses May 16, 2024

How Does the Brain Turn Waves of Light Into Experiences of Color?

Fruit fly study reveals brain-cell circuitry that could underlie how creatures large and small see wavelengths of light as information-rich hues

Evolution May 15, 2024

Some Mice May Owe Their Monogamy to a Newly Evolved Type of Cell

Scientists discover the cells and hormones that inspire mice to nurture their young; the same hormones are also present in humans

Decision Making May 10, 2024

Mental Landscape: What Does Brain Activity Look Like?

With a portable brainwave recorder in hand, a Zuckerman Institute scientist aims to bring the joy and art of brain science to wider audiences

News May 8, 2024

Meet Viktoriya Zhuravleva

How does this neuroscientist help others on their path to science? Meet Viktoriya Zhuravleva, PhD, Associate Director in the Development team.

Disease May 1, 2024

New Brain Circuit Controlling Inflammation Found in Mice

Findings uncover hidden connections between the brain and body; making use of this new brain circuit could lead to new therapies for many immune disorders

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