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Decision Making

What is the Cerebellum?

From the lab of Michael E. Goldberg, MD, Columbia's Zuckerman Institute

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Lab in the Time of Coronavirus Podcast: "Masks Come Clean"

Researchers put to the test procedures for cleaning N95 face masks at home, using common appliances that generate heat.

June 29, 2020

Community During Crisis

In the face of crisis, our Zuckerman Institute community at Columbia has found new ways to come together: to combat COVID-19, publish new discoveries and take a stand against racism.

Movement June 24, 2020

Columbia Neuroscientist Rui Costa Joins International Consortium to Decode How the Brain Moves the Body

Emory University-led effort to develop innovative technologies; deepen understanding of movement in both health and disease.

Decision Making June 15, 2020

What is the Cerebellum?

Recent research is revealing new, complex roles for this ancient and universal brain structure.

Computation June 9, 2020

Revealing the Key to the Brain’s Unrivaled Computing Power

A Q&A with Stefano Fusi, René Hen, Mazen Kheirbek and Fabio Stefanini.

June 2, 2020

A Message From the Zuckerman Institute: A Stance Against Racism

We are committed to doing the work to create an environment that is safe and free from racism and discrimination.

Disease May 29, 2020

Lab in the Time of Coronavirus: “Harnessing Antibodies”

As the world waits for a COVID-19 vaccine, researchers in New York are developing a way to treat people who have the virus with antibodies collected from those who have recovered.

Disease May 13, 2020

Lab in the Time of Coronavirus Podcast: “Making a COVID-19 Home Test”

Tune in to learn how researchers at Columbia’s Zuckerman are creating a new kind of COVID test: a home kit that could help to keep people safe as the Institute and the nation ramp up operations.

How Does the Brain Link Events To Form A Memory?

Findings in mice bolster efforts to map circuitry of brain’s memory center; point to new areas of research into panic and post-traumatic stress disorders.

Disease May 7, 2020

Lab in the Time of Coronavirus Podcast: “Research, Going Viral”

In the midst of the uncertainty caused by COVID-19, a new forum has emerged that brings together leading researchers, physicians and scholars from across the world. Tune in to this week’s episode to hear about Columbia’s Virtual COVID-19 Symposium, a weekly gathering where the latest research is shared with a speed and openness unthinkable before the virus.

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