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Computation June 29, 2022

Computer Models Mimic Brain’s Ease in Telling Faces Apart

Models that perform statistical analyses of hundreds of visual clues point the way to understanding how our brains give us the ability to distinguish faces

News June 22, 2022

Meet Jared Boyce

How do social justice issues inform a research technician designing new experiments with mice? Meet Jared Boyce, Research Technician in the Abdus-Saboor Lab

News June 16, 2022

Meet Kanaka Rajan

How is one neuroscientist bridging math and art to make research more inclusive? Meet Kanaka Rajan, PhD, a Visiting Professor (from Mt. Sinai) atthe Center for Theoretical Neuroscience

News June 8, 2022

Meet Rui Costa

How did an early mentor inspire a future leader in neuroscience? Meet Rui Costa, DVM, PhD, Director and CEO of Columbia's Zuckerman Institute

News June 1, 2022

Pioneering Neuroscientist Eric Kandel to Retire

Statement by Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute

News June 1, 2022

Meet Eric Kandel

Follow one Nobel laureate’s journey into the science of mind. Meet Eric Kandel, MD, a co-director of Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute.

News May 4, 2022

Meet Arnav Raha

How does a multilingual Indian family shape a scientist's interests? Meet Arnav Raha, Lab Manager in the Gadakar Lab.

Decision Making April 28, 2022

A Study of Pandemic’s Early Days Reveals that Hunger for Specific Information Opens Minds

By examining connections between information-seeking, learning and motivation, new study offers pointers for public-education campaigns and classrooms.

News April 27, 2022

Meet Dana Crawford

How did science become a safe space for a girl kicked out of class for asking too many questions? Meet Dana Crawford, PhD, Scholar-in-Residence at the Zuckerman Institute.

News April 13, 2022

Meet Connor Gibbons

How is an expert in aquariums helping cuttlefish to feel at home in the lab? Meet Connor Gibbons, Cephalopods Facility Manager in the Axel Lab.

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