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Disease May 13, 2020

Lab in the Time of Coronavirus Podcast: “Making a COVID-19 Home Test”

Tune in to learn how researchers at Columbia’s Zuckerman are creating a new kind of COVID test: a home kit that could help to keep people safe as the Institute and the nation ramp up operations.

How Does the Brain Link Events To Form A Memory?

Findings in mice bolster efforts to map circuitry of brain’s memory center; point to new areas of research into panic and post-traumatic stress disorders.

Disease May 7, 2020

Lab in the Time of Coronavirus Podcast: “Research, Going Viral”

In the midst of the uncertainty caused by COVID-19, a new forum has emerged that brings together leading researchers, physicians and scholars from across the world. Tune in to this week’s episode to hear about Columbia’s Virtual COVID-19 Symposium, a weekly gathering where the latest research is shared with a speed and openness unthinkable before the virus.

Disease April 29, 2020

Lab in the Time of Coronavirus Podcast: "Scientists, Mobilized"

How did a young Columbia researcher organize hundreds of scientists to combat coronavirus in a matter of days? Tune in to hear about Columbia Researchers Against COVID-19: a veritable army of volunteers tackling everything from cataloguing COVID samples for research studies to delivering scrubs to keep healthcare workers safe.

Tools & Technology April 21, 2020

Lab in the Time of Coronavirus Podcast: "Virus Blocker"

Crisis is the mother of invention. This episode our new podcast follows a team developing a COVID-proof shield: a device that could cleanse infected air and protect doctors from infections even after the pandemic ends.

Growth & Development April 20, 2020

Early Exposure to Cannabis Boosts Young Brains’ Sensitivity to Cocaine

Columbia-led research in rats uncovers unexpected interplay between the two drugs; sheds new light on the neurobiology of drug use in adolescence.

Evolution April 16, 2020

Finding the Brainy Genes That Make Us Human

A Q&A with Franck Polleux, PhD, and James Noonan, PhD.

The Senses April 15, 2020

How Does Sugar Drive Consumption?

Pioneering study points to promising avenues for minimizing sugar cravings and potentially reducing incidence of obesity and diabetes.

Disease April 14, 2020

Lab in the Time of Coronavirus Podcast: "Facing the Crisis"

Tune in to our new podcast. Follow a team young brain researchers who transformed a laboratory workspace into a factory, 3D printing face shield parts to keep healthcare workers safe.

Disease April 14, 2020

How Advancing Glioma Cells Scramble Brain Function, Blood Flow

Findings in mice provide new insight into the link between seizures and tumor progression; can help develop improved diagnostics and treatments for deadly form of brain cancer.

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