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Dopaminergic cells repeatedly firing in the substantia nigra pars compacta (credit: Aaron C. Koralek | Costa lab)

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Learning & Memory July 23, 2021

How Brains Get “In the Zone”

Mouse research links motivation for mental state to dopamine, a brain chemical implicated in Parkinson’s and other diseases.

The Senses July 21, 2021

The Science of Whiskers: How Touch Remaps the Brain

New mouse research on the sense of touch reveals surprising mental flexibility, with potential implications for designing touch-sensitive prosthetic limbs and understanding disorders such as autism.

Computation July 19, 2021

Innovation Scholar Zenna Tavares Wants to Give Machines Common Sense

Newest Zuckerman Institute investigator draws on logic, philosophy and mathematics to create algorithms with the ability to reason.

Learning & Memory July 15, 2021

Brain Region Draws Map for Food-Caching Birds

A brain region that allows birds to remember thousands of food hiding spots during the winter offers a new way to study memory, with implications for disease and AI.

Learning & Memory June 10, 2021

Novelist Nicole Krauss Explores 12 Questions with Brain Scientists

In conversation with Daphna Shohamy, PhD, a writer connects neuroscience to narrative.

Computation June 7, 2021

New Professorship Awarded to Kenneth Miller

Miller has spent his career providing new insights into vision and the fundamental functions of the brain using tools from physics and mathematics.

News June 3, 2021

Collaboration is Essential for Answering Big Questions of the Brain, Leaders and Funders Advise

Joint symposium between Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute and Mount Sinai’s Friedman Brain Institute highlights the importance of building partnerships in neuroscience.

Disease May 24, 2021

Investigating Chemotherapy's Side Effects

Fruit flies reveal potential treatment for numbness and tingling in the extremities.

Learning & Memory May 20, 2021

Neuroscientist Vikram Gadagkar Named Searle Scholar

Research on the female zebra finch promises new insights into how we judge the actions of others.

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