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Trans-entorhinal cortex (orange) of a mouse brain, as imaged by fMRI (Credit: Jia Guo / Columbia University)

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Disease January 12, 2022

Meet Phalaen Chang

How did being an Emergency Research Technician inspire a teen to study pain? Meet Phalaen Chang, Undergraduate Research Assistant in the Abdus-Saboor Lab.

Disease December 28, 2021

Brain Region’s Vulnerability to Alzheimer’s Tied to Recycling Problems Inside Cells

Columbia research seven years in the making highlights potential therapeutic target for neurodegenerative disease

Tools & Technology December 22, 2021

Meet Mike Haeser

How did a life at sea lead an engineer to neuroscience? Meet Mike Haeser, Director of District Energy Systems for Manhattanvile Operations, at Columbia University Facilities and Operations.

News December 21, 2021

New Center for Precision Medicine In Vienna to be Named After Columbia Neuroscientist Eric Kandel

The new facility will support up to 400 researchers exploring digital and personalized medicine

Learning & Memory December 15, 2021

Meet Andrès Villegas

How did a neurodiverse family shape a scientist's interest in the brain? Meet Andrès Villegas, graduate student in the Siegelbaum lab

The Senses December 9, 2021

Meet Jennifer Scribner

What happened when one woman went back to school for science in her forties? Meet Jennifer Scribner, graduate student in the Axel lab.

Learning & Memory December 8, 2021

New Findings Reveal How The Brain’s Memory Center Filters Out Unimportant Details

A study in mice that sheds light on how the brain remembers key details could one day help treat disorders impacting memory

Learning & Memory December 1, 2021

Brain Cells in Mice That Create Mental Maps Are More Connected Than Previously Thought

New techniques for monitoring small groups of brain cells in mice challenge a tenet of how neurons work together to form memories

Movement November 24, 2021

For the Brain, Context is Key to New Theory of Movement and Memory

Mathematical model could help in physical therapy and shed light on learning in general

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