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Nerve cells (nociceptive neurons) damaged by a chemotherapy drug (left) can be protected from degeneration (right) by the protein integrin. (Credit: Grace Shin / Grueber lab / Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute)

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Disease April 13, 2021

New Strategy for Protecting Against Damaging Chemotherapy Side Effect Revealed in Study of Fruit Flies and Mouse Cells

Findings point to promising new direction for preventing debilitating pain caused by chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy

Movement April 5, 2021

New Blueprint of Brain Connections Reveals Extensive Reach of Central Regulator

Map of basal ganglia connectivity uncovers key links with implications for range of disorders

Disease March 3, 2021

Three Zuckerman Institute Investigators Receive Inaugural Herbert and Florence Irving Professorships

Their work promises to advance cancer research, by building bridges with neuroscience and cellular development.

Learning & Memory February 24, 2021

Why You Should Try Something New Every Day

New study demonstrates the power of novelty to boost the brain’s problem-solving abilities

Disease February 22, 2021

Lab in the Time of Coronavirus Podcast: "Building a Better Antibody"

Meet a protein aficionado working on a new way to treat COVID-19.

Learning & Memory February 16, 2021

How Does the Brain Create Memories?

How an Incredible Memory Helps Birds Survive the Winter

News February 2, 2021

Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute Announces Alan Kanzer Writer-in-Residence Program

$1 million gift builds bridges between the humanities and the sciences.

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