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Geometric arrangement for the coding of two animals’ identities (N1 and N2) in different positions (left and right). (Credit: Fusi Lab / Columbia Zuckerman Institute)

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Computation February 20, 2024

Can A Single Brain Region Encode Familiarity and Recollection?

A new study with mice reveals how the brain can identify familiar individuals and recall past experiences with them; findings could shed light on disorders affecting memory

News February 15, 2024

Meet Eunji Kong

How did studying tomatoes lead this teenager to build tools for exploring the brain? Meet Eunji Kong, PhD, a postdoctoral research scientist in the Losonczy lab.

News February 1, 2024

Jazz Meets Neuroscience

What happens when four-time Grammy winner Terri Lyne Carrington spends a year with brain scientists?

Learning & Memory January 22, 2024

This Pianist Learns with Songbirds

Meet Graduate Student Jonathan Kasdin, Neurobiology and Behavior Program

Computation January 19, 2024

This Runner Computes How Vision Works

Meet Graduate Student Tuan Nguyen, Neurobiology and Behavior Program

The Senses December 20, 2023

A Trillion Scents. One Nose.

Smell’s sensory magic emerges from intricate developmental mechanism that tailors each of nose’s sensory cells, mice studies suggest

Learning & Memory December 13, 2023

New study sheds light on how the brain learns to seek reward

Rewards don’t just reinforce a specific action—they quickly change the whole pattern of how we behave

Tools & Technology December 12, 2023

This Synchronized Swimmer Moves to Learn

Meet Graduate Student Jasmine Stone, Neurobiology and Behavior Program

Tools & Technology December 8, 2023

This Artist Investigates Aggression with Fish

Meet Graduate Student Claire Everett, Neurobiology and Behavior Program

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