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Participants in the Black Undergraduate Mentorship Program in the Biological Sciences share posters about their research on Nov. 4 at BUMP's first annual research symposium, held in the Education Lab at the Zuckerman Institute. Photo credit: Ivan Amato/Zuckerman Institute

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News December 6, 2022

Meet Kimberly Hernandez Palacios

How did a PhD candidate connect students from underrepresented backgrounds to neuroscience? Meet Kimberly Hernandez Palacios, a PhD student at Columbia's Zuckerman Institute.

News November 21, 2022

Giving Science a BUMP

The Black Undergraduate Mentorship Program sets the stage for more equitable representation

The Senses November 17, 2022

How do we see in 3D?


News November 10, 2022

Meet Zachary Sharaga

How did the owner of a coffee shop in a neuroscience institute help Ukraine overseas? Meet Zachary Sharaga, owner of Dear Mama

Growth & Development November 8, 2022

Mental Landscapes: Seeing in 3D

Study of albino mice illuminates how the neural circuitry of vision is established and how it can go wrong.

Learning & Memory November 2, 2022

Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute Celebrates First Decade of Discovery

Showcase of research from experts on vision, memory and touch highlights progress and what’s to come

Movement October 10, 2022

Mental Landscapes: Fine-Tuning Movement

The brain has greater control over the motor neurons that move the body than previously thought possible, study in animals demonstrates

Growth & Development September 26, 2022

Mental Landscapes: The Neural Cartography of Smell

The experience of every odor derives from precise brain circuitry that researchers now are revealing in unprecedented detail

Computation September 22, 2022

Raphaël Millière

The Philosophy of AI

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