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Labeled in red and green in this photo illustration are axons of sensory cells in a single glomerulus within a mouse brain’s olfactory bulb. (Hani Shayya/Stavros Lomvardas/Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute)

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Growth & Development September 26, 2022

Mental Landscapes: The Neural Cartography of Smell

The experience of every odor derives from precise brain circuitry that researchers now are revealing in unprecedented detail

Tools & Technology August 1, 2022

A Portrait of the Scientist: Amir Lawen

Meet a former tennis pro exploring how different parts of the brain work together

A Portrait of the Scientist: Sharon Su

Meet a musician from Oakland studying vision

Mental Landscapes: Shaping a Fly

A new look at nerve cells linked to complicated movements that require many steps.

Growth & Development March 10, 2022

Meet Alexis Kim

How do neuroscience research and a family legacy intersect for a research technician? Meet Alexis Kim, research technician in the Marlin Lab.

Growth & Development September 27, 2021

Scientists Closer to Understanding How Diverse Neurons are Made

A Q&A with neuroscientists and fruit fly experts Minoree Kohwi and Tanguy Lucas

Growth & Development August 11, 2021

Scientists Identify Specific Gene Tied to Growth and Health of Brain Cells in Flies and Mice

Wnk gene offers new insights into how axons elaborate and maintain their complex morphology, with implications for neural degeneration and repair

Growth & Development April 20, 2020

Early Exposure to Cannabis Boosts Young Brains’ Sensitivity to Cocaine

Columbia-led research in rats uncovers unexpected interplay between the two drugs; sheds new light on the neurobiology of drug use in adolescence.

Disease February 19, 2020

Curious Minds: Can You Inherit Stress on Your DNA?

Do the experiences of your father leave a mark on your genes? Can trauma be passed down from generation to generation?

Learning & Memory November 21, 2019

Curious Minds: How Do Birds Change Their Tune?

Postdoctoral research scientist Jordan Moore, PhD, discovered a part of the brain critical for learning songs: a step toward understanding how human beings learn language when young.

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