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Above: Zuckerman Institute Principal Investigator Rudy Behnia, PhD, being interviewed on camera.

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Decision Making May 27, 2020

Why Small Decisions Feel So Difficult: Dr. Sanjay Gupta's Coronavirus Podcast

Why does choosing what to eat for dinner or what to watch on TV suddenly feel impossible? CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta and neuroscientist Daphna Shohamy explain that we may need to look inside the human brain for the answers.

Decision Making May 14, 2020

How to Find Your Flow Working From Home, Even if You’re Surrounded by a Spouse, Kids and Worries

Bianca Jones Marlin, PhD, offers some advice for training the brain to work from home.

Learning & Memory May 13, 2020

Unexpected Brain Strategy Links Two Events Separated by Time

A study in mice led by Attila Losonczy, MD, PhD, and Stefano Fusi, PhD, does not find evidence supporting two popular ideas for how the brain bridges temporal time gaps.

Is Maternal Instinct Real?

Bianca Jones Marlin, PhD, describes her work in mice showing that there’s some evidence that the desire to take care of our young is instinctual.

The Senses April 15, 2020

Humans' “Unquenchable Desire” for Sugar Stems From an Unexpected Place

Charles Zuker, PhD, explains why we want sugar so terribly. The reasons why go far beyond taste.

Decision Making April 13, 2020

Lentils or Pasta? Why Small Decisions Feel as Tough as Big Ones in This Time of Crisis

In a world reeling from the coronavirus pandemic, mundane decisions can feel as difficult as existential ones, explains Daphna Shohamy, PhD.

Disease March 2, 2020

Tau Shows Promise as Achilles’ Heel for Alzheimer’s and Similar Diseases

New research by Anthony Fitzpatrick, PhD, and others shows that tau, once seen as a secondary player, has now taken a leading role in combating neurodegenerative illnesses.

The Senses January 29, 2020

Sex Pheromone Named After Mr. Darcy Found to Put Female Mice in the Mood

Ebru Demir, PhD, describes a new study in mice showing that the pheromone darcin.can elicit complex behaviors that are dependent on the animal's internal state.

The Senses December 5, 2019

Good Question: Why Do We Freeze Up When We're Startled?

Richard Mann, PhD, describes his latest work in fruit flies that sheds light on the body's startle response.

The Senses October 23, 2019

A New Look at How the Brain Processes Sound Could Radically Improve Hearing Aids

Nima Mesgarani, PhD, and his team got a rare glimpse of what happens inside the brain while multiple people are talking.