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The egg-laying anatomy of a female fruit fly with nerve cells (uterine motor neurons) shown in green that help the insect adjust how she lays eggs to help her offspring survive. (credit: Kevin Cury / Axel lab / Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute).

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Decision Making May 22, 2023

Mental Landscape: How Does a Fruit Fly Stack the Survival Deck?

A decade of watching fruit flies lay eggs has revealed a means of neural control that adds flexibility to instinctive behavior

Decision Making August 22, 2022

The Unfolding of Thought

Can the neurobiology of the simplest of decisions also underlie our most complex of thoughts?

Decision Making April 28, 2022

A Study of Pandemic’s Early Days Reveals that Hunger for Specific Information Opens Minds

By examining connections between information-seeking, learning and motivation, new study offers pointers for public-education campaigns and classrooms.

Decision Making September 30, 2021

Columbia-led Team Awarded $18.3 Million from BRAIN Initiative to Research Decision-Making

Columbia-led Team Awarded $18.3 Million from BRAIN Initiative to Research Decision-Making

Decision Making May 11, 2021

Why Do Thoughts Take So Much Time?

New experiments probe how we make decisions

Decision Making December 15, 2020

How Does Uncertainty Hijack Our Attention?

New study identifies changes in brain activity that ready the brain to receive information from the senses

Decision Making September 16, 2020

What Happens When We Look at Art?

Recent experiments explore how we respond to different kinds of paintings.

Decision Making June 15, 2020

What is the Cerebellum?

Recent research is revealing new, complex roles for this ancient and universal brain structure.

Decision Making February 26, 2020

How Does the Brain Put Decisions into Context?

Columbia research combines mathematics and neuroscience; highlights surprising power of one brain area to simultaneously integrate vast amounts of information.

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