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Chickadee caching a seed overlaid with a neural ‘barcode’ activity (Credit: Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute)

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Tools & Technology December 12, 2023

This Synchronized Swimmer Moves to Learn

Meet Graduate Student Jasmine Stone, Neurobiology and Behavior Program

Tools & Technology December 8, 2023

This Artist Investigates Aggression with Fish

Meet Graduate Student Claire Everett, Neurobiology and Behavior Program

Tools & Technology July 18, 2023

This Vegetarian Builds Brainy Tools

Meet Graduate Student Elizabeth Brewer, Neurobiology and Behavior Program

Learning & Memory July 14, 2023

This DJ Searches for Memory

Meet Graduate Student Abhishek Shah, Neurobiology and Behavior Program

Decision Making July 5, 2023

This Curious Twin Studies Curiosity

Meet Graduate Student Michael Cohanpour, Neurobiology and Behavior Program

Decision Making June 22, 2023

Have Researchers Glimpsed the Moment the Brain Commits to a Decision?

It’s one thing to mull over options. It’s another to actually choose one of them. What is happening in the deciding brain?

Decision Making May 22, 2023

Mental Landscape: How Does a Fruit Fly Stack the Survival Deck?

A decade of watching fruit flies lay eggs has revealed a means of neural control that adds flexibility to instinctive behavior

Decision Making August 22, 2022

The Unfolding of Thought

Can the neurobiology of the simplest of decisions also underlie our most complex of thoughts?

Decision Making April 28, 2022

A Study of Pandemic’s Early Days Reveals that Hunger for Specific Information Opens Minds

By examining connections between information-seeking, learning and motivation, new study offers pointers for public-education campaigns and classrooms.

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