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Chickadee caching a seed overlaid with a neural ‘barcode’ activity (Credit: Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute)

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The Senses March 6, 2024

Do Some Electric Fish Sense the World Through Comrades' Auras?

Scientists uncover evidence for a new form of collective sensing that appears to enable elephantnose fish to extend their perceptual reach

Learning & Memory January 22, 2024

This Pianist Learns with Songbirds

Meet Graduate Student Jonathan Kasdin, Neurobiology and Behavior Program

The Senses December 20, 2023

A Trillion Scents. One Nose.

Smell’s sensory magic emerges from intricate developmental mechanism that tailors each of nose’s sensory cells, mice studies suggest

The Senses June 14, 2023

Reading the Minds of Electric Fish

Elephantnose fish show us how the brain filters the senses, a must for survival

The Senses March 15, 2023

Mental Landscapes: Magnificent Wiring

The process by which neurons connect into functioning brains, even in fruit flies, is an epic exercise of developmental minutiae that could not matter more

The Senses January 23, 2023

Origins of Pleasurable Touch Traced from Skin to Brain in Mice

Researchers uncover neuronal circuitry tuned to rewarding forms of social touch, opening leads for harnessing touch as a treatment of social and emotional disorders

The Senses November 17, 2022

How do we see in 3D?


Learning & Memory November 2, 2022

Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute Celebrates First Decade of Discovery

Showcase of research from experts on vision, memory and touch highlights progress and what’s to come

The Senses September 7, 2022

Cravings for Fatty Foods Traced to Gut-Brain Connection

Mouse research reveals fat sensors in the intestines that stimulate the brain and drive food desires

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