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Chickadee caching a seed overlaid with a neural ‘barcode’ activity (Credit: Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute)

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News April 3, 2024

Meet Nedah Nemati

How do philosophy and science come together for this scholar thinking about behavior? Meet Nedah Nemati, PhD, Presidential Scholar in Society and Neuroscience.

Learning & Memory March 29, 2024

Barcode-like Neural Activity Found in Chickadees

Scientists find new patterns of electrical activity that may help the brain record and recall memories, not just in birds, but humans too

Movement March 20, 2024

In Flies, A Single Brain Cell Can Drive Multiple Movements of the Body

New study reveals how the brain orchestrates motions in partnership with sensory cues from the body

News March 18, 2024

Meet Erfan Zabeh

How did a child fascinated by space become a PhD who studies the brain? Meet Erfan Zabeh, a graduate student in the Gottlieb lab.

The Senses March 6, 2024

Do Some Electric Fish Sense the World Through Comrades' Auras?

Scientists uncover evidence for a new form of collective sensing that appears to enable elephantnose fish to extend their perceptual reach

Computation March 5, 2024

Scientist at Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute Wins Prestigious Brain Prize

Prize is among the largest in the world for brain science; Dr. Abbott and two other scientists are recognized for their pathbreaking work in theoretical neuroscience

Computation February 20, 2024

Can A Single Brain Region Encode Familiarity and Recollection?

A new study with mice reveals how the brain can identify familiar individuals and recall past experiences with them; findings could shed light on disorders affecting memory

News February 15, 2024

Meet Eunji Kong

How did studying tomatoes lead this teenager to build tools for exploring the brain? Meet Eunji Kong, PhD, a postdoctoral research scientist in the Losonczy lab.

News February 1, 2024

Jazz Meets Neuroscience

What happens when four-time Grammy winner Terri Lyne Carrington spends a year with brain scientists?

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