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Labeled in red and green in this photo illustration are axons of sensory cells in a single glomerulus within a mouse brain’s olfactory bulb. (Hani Shayya/Stavros Lomvardas/Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute)

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Growth & Development September 26, 2022

Mental Landscapes: The Neural Cartography of Smell

The experience of every odor derives from precise brain circuitry that researchers now are revealing in unprecedented detail

Computation September 22, 2022

Raphaël Millière

The Philosophy of AI

Growth & Development September 22, 2022

Thiago Arzua

The Biological Origins of Intergenerational Trauma

Growth & Development September 20, 2022

Katie Insel

Inside the Adolescent Brain

Computation September 20, 2022

Laureline Logiaco

Modeling Movement in the Brain

The Senses September 7, 2022

Cravings for Fatty Foods Traced to Gut-Brain Connection

Mouse research reveals fat sensors in the intestines that stimulate the brain and drive food desires

Decision Making August 22, 2022

The Unfolding of Thought

Can the neurobiology of the simplest of decisions also underlie our most complex of thoughts?

News August 17, 2022

Meet Anita Devineni and Chris Rodgers

What is life like for a pair of new professors? Meet Chris Rodgers and Anita Devineni, former postdocs at Columbia's Zuckerman Institute, now assistant professors at Emory University.

Disease August 8, 2022

Emulating Schizophrenia in a Dish

A chance observation spawns a versatile new strategy for taking on some of humanity’s most vexing psychiatric disorders.

News August 3, 2022

Summer Pest or Scientific Marvel?

As you squash the fruit flies invading your kitchen this summer, take a moment to revere them.

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