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Computation June 29, 2022

Computer Models Mimic Brain’s Ease in Telling Faces Apart

Models that perform statistical analyses of hundreds of visual clues point the way to understanding how our brains give us the ability to distinguish faces

Decision Making September 30, 2021

Columbia-led Team Awarded $18.3 Million from BRAIN Initiative to Research Decision-Making

Columbia-led Team Awarded $18.3 Million from BRAIN Initiative to Research Decision-Making

Computation July 19, 2021

Innovation Scholar Zenna Tavares Wants to Give Machines Common Sense

Newest Zuckerman Institute investigator draws on logic, philosophy and mathematics to create algorithms with the ability to reason.

Computation June 7, 2021

New Professorship Awarded to Kenneth Miller

Miller has spent his career providing new insights into vision and the fundamental functions of the brain using tools from physics and mathematics.

Computation October 14, 2020

How Do You Make Sense of the World?

Two Zuckerman Institute labs teamed up to investigate how the brain represents abstract concepts

Computation August 17, 2020

The Computer in Your Head

For physicist-turned-neuroscientist Larry Abbott, brain cells act a lot like circuits. His research reveals the mental computations that underlie thought.

Computation June 9, 2020

Revealing the Key to the Brain’s Unrivaled Computing Power

A Q&A with Stefano Fusi, René Hen, Mazen Kheirbek and Fabio Stefanini.

The Senses March 9, 2020

Curious Minds: How Do Flies See in Color?

New research from two young scientists shows how the brains of flies, like the brains of humans, create the mental illusion of color.

Decision Making February 26, 2020

How Does the Brain Put Decisions into Context?

Columbia research combines mathematics and neuroscience; highlights surprising power of one brain area to simultaneously integrate vast amounts of information.

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