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The egg-laying anatomy of a female fruit fly with nerve cells (uterine motor neurons) shown in green that help the insect adjust how she lays eggs to help her offspring survive. (credit: Kevin Cury / Axel lab / Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute).

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Disease January 12, 2022

Meet Phalaen Chang

How did being an Emergency Research Technician inspire a teen to study pain? Meet Phalaen Chang, undergraduate research assistant in the Abdus-Saboor Lab.

Disease December 28, 2021

Brain Region’s Vulnerability to Alzheimer’s Tied to Recycling Problems Inside Cells

Columbia research seven years in the making highlights potential therapeutic target for neurodegenerative disease

Disease October 26, 2021

Columbia Scientists and Team of Experts Awarded $9M to Investigate Early Parkinson's

Exploring the first stages of Parkinson's may lead to earlier diagnoses, therapies.

Disease May 24, 2021

Investigating Chemotherapy's Side Effects

Fruit flies reveal potential treatment for numbness and tingling in the extremities.

Disease May 11, 2021

Lab in the Time of Coronavirus Podcast: "One Year In"

Meet the leaders who shepherded science through a challenging year

Disease April 13, 2021

New Strategy for Protecting Against Damaging Chemotherapy Side Effect Revealed in Study of Fruit Flies and Mouse Cells

Findings point to promising new direction for preventing debilitating pain caused by chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy

Disease March 3, 2021

Three Zuckerman Institute Investigators Receive Inaugural Herbert and Florence Irving Professorships

Their work promises to advance cancer research, by building bridges with neuroscience and cellular development.

Learning & Memory February 24, 2021

Why You Should Try Something New Every Day

New study demonstrates the power of novelty to boost the brain’s problem-solving abilities

Disease February 22, 2021

Lab in the Time of Coronavirus Podcast: "Building a Better Antibody"

Meet a protein aficionado working on a new way to treat COVID-19.

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