Columbia University in the City of New York

Investigating Chemotherapy's Side Effects

Fruit flies reveal potential treatment for numbness and tingling in the extremities.

For millions of cancer patients, life-saving chemotherapy comes at a cost: an incurable numbness, pain or tingling in the hands and feet, called peripheral neuropathy. But now scientists at Columbia's Zuckerman Institute have discovered a potential new direction for treatment.

In this animation, join Wes Grueber, PhD, and Grace Shin, PhD, to explore how experiments with fruit flies and cells from mice are pointing researchers toward a molecule in the body that can stick nerves in the right place and offer protection from the damage caused by chemotherapy drugs.

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Disease April 13, 2021

New Strategy for Protecting Against Damaging Chemotherapy Side Effect Revealed in Study of Fruit Flies and Mouse Cells

Findings point to promising new direction for preventing debilitating pain caused by chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy

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