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The Zuckerman Institute's Inaugural Mind Brain Behavior Symposium

From left: Rui Costa, David Anderson, Kelsey Martin, Cori Bargmann and Marc Tessier-Lavigne participate in a panel during the Zuckerman Institute's inaugural Mind Brain Behavior Symposium (Credit: Devin Powell/Columbia's Zuckerman Institute).

Celebrating the brightest ideas in neuroscience

On May 6 and 7, 2019, Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute hosted its inaugural Mind Brain Behavior Symposium. The Symposium brought preeminent neuroscientists to Columbia’s new Manhattanville campus. Attendees heard from those at the vanguard of the field and had the opportunity to network with other scientists and scholars. We thank everyone who joined us for this celebration of neuroscience. 


List of Speakers


Catherine Dulac, PhD *Keynote
Harvard University

David Anderson, PhD

Cori Bargmann, PhD
The Rockefeller University

Edward Chang, MD

Surya Ganguli, PhD
Stanford University

Oscar Marín, PhD
King's College London

Kelsey Martin, MD, PhD

Vanessa Ruta, PhD
The Rockefeller University

Marc Tessier-Lavigne, PhD
Stanford University

Leslie Vosshall, PhD
The Rockefeller University

Christopher Walsh, MD, PhD
Harvard University



Steering Committee

Richard Axel, MD, Codirector, Columbia's Zuckerman Institute
Rui Costa, DVM, PhD, Associate Director and Chief Executive Officer, Columbia's Zuckerman Institute
Carol Mason, PhD, Chair of Interschool Planning, Columbia's Zuckerman Institute




The Symposium was livestreamed. Videos of each speaker are below. They can also be viewed on YouTube.


Join the Conversation

While at the Symposium or when viewing online, we encouraged everyone to use our dedicated hashtag: #ZuckermanSymposium.



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Symposium News

News May 15, 2019

Mind Brain Behavior Symposium is a Meeting of Minds

Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute hosts gathering of leading neuroscientists from across the country

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Symposium Speakers

Keynote: Catherine Dulac, PhD, Harvard University

"Molecular, Cellular and Circuit-level Control of Social Behaviors." Dr. Dulac's lecture was preceded by opening remarks from Richard Axel, MD, Nobel laureate and codirector of Columbia's Zuckerman Institute.

David Anderson, PhD, Caltech

"Neural Control of Innate Behaviors and Associated Internal States"

Vanessa Ruta, PhD, The Rockefeller University

"Circuit Mechanisms of Behavioral Evolution"

Cori Bargmann, PhD, The Rockefeller University

"Organizing Behaviors Across Timescales"

Christopher Walsh, MD, PhD, Boston Children's Hospital

"One Brain, Many Genomes: Somatic Mutations and Genomic Diversity in Human Brain"

Oscar Marín, PhD, King's College, London

"Neuronal Diversity and Plasticity Mechanisms Underlying the Assembly of Cortical Circuits"

Panel: "Creating a Transformative Research Environment."

Discussion with Marc Tessier-Lavigne, PhD, Cori Bargmann, PhD, Kelsey Martin, MD, PhD, and David Anderson, PhD. Moderated by Rui Costa, DVM, PhD

Surya Ganguli, PhD, Stanford University

"Self-organizing Neural Representations of Space Through Exploration"

Leslie Vosshall, PhD Rockefeller

"Neurobiology of the World's Most Dangerous Animal"

Marc Tessier-Lavigne, PhD, Stanford University

"Wiring and Rewiring the Brain: Mechanisms of Axon Guidance and Plasticity"

Kelsey Martin, MD, PhD, UCLA

"Synapse to Nuclear Signaling During Long-term Plasticity." Dr. Martin's lecture was followed by closing remarks from Eric Kandel, MD, Nobel laureate and codirector of Columbia's Zuckerman Institute.