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Affiliate Member Nim Tottenham, PhD, presents her research at a recent Stavros Niarchos Foundation Brain Insight Lecture (Credit: Michael Dames for Columbia's Zuckerman Institute).

Bringing a wide perspective of inquiry and nurturing new insights across Columbia campuses

The Zuckerman Institute aims to be a hub for all researchers at Columbia interested in mind, brain and behavior, with transformational discoveries about the mind and brain coming only through the integration of diverse approaches and disciplines. The Affiliate Membership program enables faculty from across Columbia University to formalize their relationship to the intellectual and scientific activities of the Institute.

Affiliate Members contribute to the Zuckerman Institute community through research, education and/or practice. Affiliate Members will participate actively in the intellectual life of the Institute, shared facilities, and activities, and will thereby bring a new and wider perspective on brain research by nurturing new insights from academic fields across the Medical Center, Manhattanville and Morningside Campuses. Applications from full time Columbia faculty are welcome.

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Please contact Natalie Trotta with questions about Affiliate Membership.


What is an Affiliate Member?

The Zuckerman Institute has two categories of membership: Full Members and Affiliate Members. The laboratories and offices of Full Members are located in the Jerome L. Greene Building. Affiliate members will be closely engaged with Zuckerman Institute activities but their laboratories and offices are located in other University buildings. Full and Affiliate members are full time Columbia Faculty.

The community of Affiliate Members will contribute to the intellectual life of the Zuckerman Institute, and, in turn, of the University. The specific involvement of each Affiliate Member will vary, based on areas of interest and expertise. Examples of activities include: seminar series participation, teaching, planning and participation in education and outreach programs, collaboration on multi-investigator research projects and access to Zuckerman Institute facilities and services as appropriate. All affiliate members will receive regular communications about talks and other activities at the institute.


What are the criteria for being appointed an Affiliate Member?

Affiliate Members must be able to contribute to the overall mission of the Zuckerman Institute through research, education, and/or practice. Many Affiliate Members will be engaged in collaborations with Full Members. All Affiliate Members will be full time Columbia University Faculty.


What is the process for being appointed an Affiliate Member?

Columbia University faculty members are invited to self-nominate, with a brief statement outlining interests, and current or proposed collaborations. Applications will be reviewed by a faculty committee and it is expected that all faculty members who meet the criteria will be appointed as Affiliate Members. It is possible for a current member to nominate a colleague to be an Affiliate Member, but the nominee must actively accept the nomination before being appointed. In the first year, nominations will be reviewed quarterly. In future years, the frequency of appointments may depend on the number of nominations.

Columbia faculty who are not Affiliate Members will still be welcome to participate in the majority of intellectual programs, shared facilities and activities.

The Affiliate Membership program is currently in a pilot phase, with the objective of identifying productive components that will be further developed.



What is the term of Affiliate Members?

Affiliate Members are appointed for a one-year renewable term, subject to review every three years. Affiliate members who do not actively participate will not be reappointed.

The Affiliate Membership program is currently in a pilot phase, with the objective of identifying productive components that will be further developed.



The Affiliate Program is chaired by Carol Mason, PhD, Chair of Interschool Planning

Dr. Mason is Professor of Pathology and Cell Biology, Neuroscience, and Ophthalmic Science (in Ophthalmology). As Chair of Interschool Planning for the Zuckerman Institute, she is responsible for promoting interdisciplinary interaction between faculty, including Columbia Faculty on the Morningside and CUIMC campuses, and the affiliate member program is one such step. She and her colleagues are interested in developing constructive relationships with relevant academic leaders such as deans and department chairs to realize the vision of the Zuckerman Institute as a hub for research and education around the study of the brain from all academic disciplines.

At Columbia, she has served as a codirector of the graduate program in Neurobiology & Behavior, director of the Vision Sciences Training Program, and Consulting Director of the Columbia Translational Neuroscience Initiative (CTNI). She is a Simons Society Senior Fellow, a fellow of the AAAS, and a member of the National Academy of Science and the Institute of Medicine. From 2013-2014, she was President of the Society for Neuroscience.

For more information about Dr. Mason’s research, please visit her profile page or lab website.

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