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Columbia Neuroscience Seminars

Elaine Hsiao, PhD, Assistant Professor of Integrative Biology & Physiology at UCLA, speaks a recent seminar (Credit: Sirin Samman for Columbia's Zuckerman Institute)

Sparking the conversations that drive science forward.

All 2020-2021 Columbia Neuroscience Seminars will occur virtually at 1 pm on Tuesdays

The Columbia Neuroscience Seminars are the flagship venue at Columbia for invited speakers from local, national, and international scientific communities to share new findings in neuroscience. The weekly lectures and associated events are designed to draw together the neuroscience community at Columbia and to catalyze the conversations and collaborations that advance the discipline.

The live seminars, including a pre-recorded lecture with curated closed captions*, live Q&A, and post-lecture mingling, are open to Columbia affiliates. (Registration is required: register here.) Many lecture recordings are publicly accessible on the Zuckerman Institute YouTube channel approximately one week after each seminar. Invited speakers join meetings with faculty, graduate students and postdocs at Columbia to continue the conversation after their seminar. Those wishing to meet with a speaker may email the host listed below or see the contact information on individual event pages. 

Speakers are invited by a Committee made up of faculty, postdocs, and graduate students from across Columbia's campuses. Committee members are listed below. 

The Spring 2021 series poster is available for download here.

*We strive for accuracy in closed captioning. When there is a discrepancy between the captions and the speaker, the speaker's words take precedence.

The series is a collaborative effort of Columbia's Zuckerman Institute, the Department of Neuroscience, the Doctoral Program in Neurobiology and Behavior and the Columbia Translational Neuroscience Initiative, and with support from the Kavli Institute for Brain Science.





January 14
David Raizen  
University of Pennsylvania    
Host: Claire Everett
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January 19
Marla Feller    
Host: Heike Blockus
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January 26
Corey Harwell    
Host: Luke Nunelly

February 2
Roberto Bonasio    
Host: Jin Zhang
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February 16
Nao Uchida    
Host: Rikki Rabinovich

February 23
Ann Marie Craig    
University of British Columbia    
Host: Kevin Gonzalez

March 2
Harald Hess    
Host: Shikhar Dhingra

March 9
Megan Carey    
Host: Qianyun Zhang

March 16
Bruce Carlson    
Washington University    
Host: Abby Zadina

March 23
Lisa Giocomo    
Stanford University    
Hosts: Fraser Sparks and Serra Favila

March 30
Hongkui Zeng    
Allen Institute    
Host: Jacob Nye

April 6
Tirin Moore    
Stanford University    
Hosts: Natalie Steinemann and Nicholas Singletary

April 13
Marlene Cohen    
University of Pittsburgh    
Host: Danique Jeurissen

April 20
Seth Blackshaw    
Johns Hopkins    
Host: Revathi Balasubramanian

April 27
Shernaz Bamji    
University of British Columbia   
Host: Alexandra Panzarino

May 4
Catherine Jensen Peña    
Host: Eliza Jaeger

May 11
Uri Hasson    
Host: Tal Golan

May 18
Susan Ackerman    
Host: Devin Jones

June 1
Carlos Brody    
Princeton University    
Host: Kenneth Wengler

June 8
Laura Schulz    
Host: Benjamin Peters

June 15
Oren Schuldiner    
Weizmann Institute of Science    
Host: Surojit Sural

June 22
Yang Dan    
UC Berkeley    
Host: Joshua Taliaferro

June 29
John Tuthill    
University of Washington    
Host: Anita Devineni





Rui Costa, Professor of Neuroscience and Neurology, Director and Chief Executive Officer of Columbia's Zuckerman Institute

Carol Mason, Professor of Pathology and Cell Biology, Neuroscience and Ophthalmic Science (in Ophthalmology); Chair of Interschool Planning at Columbia's Zuckerman Institute

Serge Przedborski, Page and William Black Professor of Neurology (in Pathology and Cell Biology and Neuroscience); Director, Columbia Translational Neuroscience Initiative

Steven Siegelbaum, Gerald D. Fischbach, M.D. Professor of Neuroscience and Professor of Pharmacology; Chair, Department of Neuroscience





Dmitry Aronov, Assistant Professor of Neuroscience

Edmund Au, Assistant Professor of Pathology & Cell Biology

Revathi Balasubramanian, Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Heike Blockus, Associate Research Scientist

Jennifer Bussell, Associate Research Scientist

Anita Devineni, Associate Research Scientist

Rushell Dixon, Graduate Student in the Doctoral Program for Neurobiology and Behavior

Mickey Goldberg, David Mahoney Professor of Brain and Behavior (in Neuroscience and Neurology [in Psychiatry and Ophthalmology])

Jackie Gottlieb, Professor of Neuroscience

Rene Hen, Professor of Pharmacology (in Psychiatry), Neuroscience

Oliver Hobert, Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics

Ben Hobson, Graduate Student in the Doctoral Program for Systems Biology

Guillermo Horga, Florence Irving Associate Professor of Psychiatry

Eliza Jaeger, Graduate Student in the Doctoral Program for Biological Sciences

Christoph Kellendonk, Associate Professor of Molecular Pharmacology and Therapeutics in Psychiatry

Niko Kriegeskorte, Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience

Sam Norman-Haignere, Associate Research Scientist

Franck Polleux, Professor of Neuroscience

Nicholas Singletary, Graduate Student in the Doctoral Program for Neurobiology and Behavior

Kelley Swanberg, Graduate Student in the Doctoral Program for Biomedical Engineering

Carol Troy, Professor of Pathology and Cell Biology and Neurology

Andrés Villegas, Graduate Student in the Doctoral Program for Neurobiology and Behavior

Hynek Wichterle, Associate Professor of Pathology & Cell Biology, Neuroscience (in Neurology), Rehabilitation and Regenerative Medicine

Lori Zeltser, Associate Professor of Pathology and Cell Biology

Jin Zhang, Associate Research Scientist

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