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Columbia Neuroscience Seminar Series

Elaine Hsiao, PhD, Assistant Professor of Integrative Biology & Physiology at UCLA, speaks a recent seminar (Credit: Sirin Samman for Columbia's Zuckerman Institute)

Sparking the conversations that drive science forward.

All Fall 2020 seminars will take place virtually at 1 pm on Tuesdays.

Currently, seminars are only open to Columbia affiliates. Registration is required. Please register here with your Columbia email address; only one registration is required for all Fall seminars. Streaming and recordings may be publicly accessible at a later date. Contact the organizers at for details.

The Columbia Neuroscience Seminar series is the premier venue for external research and engineering talks focused on brain science at Columbia. This flagship neuroscience seminar series features weekly external speakers during the academic year.
Speakers are invited from across the local, national and international scientific communities to exchange new findings, nurture collaborations and establish connections within and beyond the field of neuroscience. Their talk is complemented by meetings with faculty, graduate students and postdocs.

To request a meeting with a particular speaker, please email the host lab representative (below) or see the contact information on individual event pages.

The series is a collaborative effort of Columbia's Zuckerman Institute, the Department of Neuroscience, the Doctoral Program in Neurobiology and Behavior and the Columbia Translational Neuroscience Initiative, and with support from the Kavli Institute for Brain Science.

Speakers are invited by a Committee made up of faculty, postdocs, and graduate students from across Columbia's campuses. Committee members are listed below.

Click here to download a PDF of the Fall 2020 calendar.





September 15
Kerry Ressler
Host: Wei-Li Chang
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September 22
Rachel Wilson
Host: Anita Devineni
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September 29
Malcolm MacIver
Host: Nicholas Singletary
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October 6
Hakwan Lau
Host: Ken Wengler
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October 13
Arnold Kriegstein
Host: Heike Blockus
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October 20
Sergiu P. Pasca
Host: Angeles Rabadan

November 10
Kate Wassum
Hosts: Carter Daniels and Basak Akdogan 
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November 17
Tracy Bale
Univ. of Maryland
Host: Alex Dranovsky

December 1
Marina Picciotto
Host: James Belarde

December 8
Erich Jarvis
Host: Ewoud Schmidt

December 15
Jeremy Nathans
Johns Hopkins 
Host: Chi Zhang





Rui Costa, Professor of Neuroscience and Neurology, Director and Chief Executive Officer of Columbia's Zuckerman Institute

Carol Mason, Professor of Pathology and Cell Biology, Neuroscience and Ophthalmic Science (in Ophthalmology); Chair of Interschool Planning at Columbia's Zuckerman Institute

Serge Przedborski, Page and William Black Professor of Neurology (in Pathology and Cell Biology and Neuroscience); Director, Columbia Translational Neuroscience Initiative

Steven Siegelbaum, Gerald D. Fischbach, M.D. Professor of Neuroscience and Professor of Pharmacology; Chair, Department of Neuroscience





Dmitry Aronov, Assistant Professor of Neuroscience

Edmund Au, Assistant Professor of Pathology & Cell Biology

Revathi Balasubramanian, Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Heike Blockus, Associate Research Scientist

Jennifer Bussell, Associate Research Scientist

Anita Devineni, Associate Research Scientist

Rushell Dixon, Graduate Student in the Doctoral Program for Neurobiology and Behavior

Mickey Goldberg, David Mahoney Professor of Brain and Behavior (in Neuroscience and Neurology [in Psychiatry and Ophthalmology])

Jackie Gottlieb, Professor of Neuroscience

Rene Hen, Professor of Pharmacology (in Psychiatry), Neuroscience

Oliver Hobert, Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics

Ben Hobson, Graduate Student in the Doctoral Program for Systems Biology

Guillermo Horga, Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry

Eliza Jaeger, Graduate Student in the Doctoral Program for Biological Sciences

Christoph Kellendonk, Associate Professor of Molecular Pharmacology and Therapeutics in Psychiatry

Niko Kriegeskorte, Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience

Sam Norman-Haignere, Associate Research Scientist

Franck Polleux, Professor of Neuroscience

Nicholas Singletary, Graduate Student in the Doctoral Program for Neurobiology and Behavior

Kelley Swanberg, Graduate Student in the Doctoral Program for Biomedical Engineering

Carol Troy, Professor of Pathology and Cell Biology and Neurology

Andrés Villegas, Graduate Student in the Doctoral Program for Neurobiology and Behavior

Hynek Wichterle, Associate Professor of Pathology & Cell Biology, Neuroscience (in Neurology), Rehabilitation and Regenerative Medicine

Lori Zeltser, Associate Professor of Pathology and Cell Biology

Jin Zhang, Associate Research Scientist

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