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Columbia's Zuckerman Institute is regularly featured in influential news outlets around the world. We invite you to browse a selection of recent news coverage below.

Above: Zuckerman Institute Principal Investigator Rudy Behnia, PhD, being interviewed on camera.

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Learning & Memory June 23, 2015

Inside Out Nails the Science of How Our Memories Function

Daphna Shohamy, PhD, believes this recent Pixar movie has potential as an educational tool.

Learning & Memory April 19, 2015

Best Memory Advice? Exercise, Stimulating Hobbies

Eric Kandel, MD, and Daphna Shohamy, PhD, discuss steps we can take to prevent, delay or even reverse memory decline.

Decision Making July 11, 2014

What We Really Taste When We Drink Wine

Daniel Salzman, MD, PhD, argues that no event or object is ever experienced in perfect, objective isolation, but rather is subject to our past experiences, mood and expectations.