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Above: Zuckerman Institute Principal Investigator Rudy Behnia, PhD, being interviewed on camera.

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Why understanding inherited trauma is critical, and what it means for our kids

Bianca Jones Marlin, PhD, talks about her work on inherited trauma with The Washington Post.

Growth & Development October 2, 2020

Breakthrough: The Trauma Tracer

Bianca Jones Marlin, PhD is featured in Science Friday Breakthrough, a short film anthology from Science Friday and Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) that follows women working at the forefront of their fields.

Is Maternal Instinct Real?

Bianca Jones Marlin, PhD, describes her work in mice showing that there’s some evidence that the desire to take care of our young is instinctual.

Growth & Development September 6, 2019

Body Architects

Research from Richard Mann, PhD, and colleagues highlights the unique properties of DNA segments that guide the fly’s complicated development.

Growth & Development November 1, 2018

Cerebellum Does “Quality Control” for Our Thoughts: Study

Nathaniel Sawtell, PhD, weighs in on an FMRI study that uncovers network variation between people in this oft-neglected brain region.

Image of the Day: Gene Expression

A new algorithm developed by Richard Mann, PhD, and his team scrutinizes the most hard-to-read segments of the genome.

Learning & Memory March 19, 2018

Answering Questions About the Brain

Bianca Jones Marlin, PhD, explores the brain science of love and heartbreak.

Growth & Development January 26, 2018

Why Scientists Are Studying Budding Fruit Fly Brains

A new study from Richard Mann, PhD, about how insects' central nervous system develops could inform research on how the human brain develops.

Growth & Development October 7, 2016

The Brain Process That Makes Teens Misbehave Might Also Help Them Learn

Teens learn differently — and maybe even better — than adults do, according to research led by Daphna Shohamy, PhD.

Growth & Development October 6, 2016

Teens' Penchant For Risk-Taking May Help Them Learn Faster

Daphna Shohamy, PhD, and her team test whether teens' drive for rewards, and the risk-taking that comes from it, exist for a reason.