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Columbia's Zuckerman Institute is regularly featured in influential news outlets around the world. We invite you to browse a selection of recent news coverage below.

Above: Zuckerman Institute Principal Investigator Rudy Behnia, PhD, being interviewed on camera.

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Evolution July 15, 2021

My Daughter’s First Pet—the Next Big Model Organism?

Andrés Bendesky, PhD, betta fish genome sequencing study featured on The Scientist.

Evolution July 9, 2021

Did a Cuttlefish Write This?

Tessa Montague, PhD talks to the New York Times about her fascination with cuttlefish and their surprising cognitive abilities.

Evolution May 14, 2021

The 1,000-Year Secret That Made Betta Fish Beautiful

Andres Bendesky, PhD, work on betta-fish genetic sequencing featured on the New York Times.

Evolution May 14, 2021

The Surprise Hiding in the DNA of Pet Fish

Andres Bendesky, PhD, interviewed about his work on betta-fish domestication.

Evolution April 19, 2017

Why Are Some Mice (and People) Monogamous? A Study Points to Genes

Andrés Bendesky, MD, PhD, and colleagues identified a genetic basis for parenting behavior in mice. The findings may help make sense of parenting in humans.