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Above: Zuckerman Institute Principal Investigator Rudy Behnia, PhD, being interviewed on camera.

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Decision Making March 18, 2021

How the pandemic may be affecting your ability to make simple decisions

Daphna Shohamy, PhD, talks about how these uncertain times deplete our cognitive resources.

Decision Making March 15, 2021

The “Art” of Making Decisions

What happens when we look at art? Daphna Shohamy, PhD, discusses her latest research with Dr. Phil Stieg on This is Your Brain podcast.

Decision Making August 5, 2020

Evocations of abstract art

Psychology researchers have teamed up with art theorists to quantify how abstract art evokes different cognitive states to figurative or literally representative art.

Decision Making August 3, 2020

One Type of Art Can Help You See the Bigger Picture in Life

"Something as fluid as enjoying art has demonstrable and measurable effects on how our mind works."

Decision Making May 27, 2020

Why Small Decisions Feel So Difficult: Dr. Sanjay Gupta's Coronavirus Podcast

Why does choosing what to eat for dinner or what to watch on TV suddenly feel impossible? CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta and neuroscientist Daphna Shohamy explain that we may need to look inside the human brain for the answers.

Decision Making May 14, 2020

How to Find Your Flow Working From Home, Even if You’re Surrounded by a Spouse, Kids and Worries

Bianca Jones Marlin, PhD, offers some advice for training the brain to work from home.

Decision Making April 13, 2020

Lentils or Pasta? Why Small Decisions Feel as Tough as Big Ones in This Time of Crisis

In a world reeling from the coronavirus pandemic, mundane decisions can feel as difficult as existential ones, explains Daphna Shohamy, PhD.

Learning & Memory March 19, 2018

Answering Questions About the Brain

Bianca Jones Marlin, PhD, explores the brain science of love and heartbreak.

Decision Making August 17, 2017

The Neuroscience Behind the Brain's 'Aha!' Moment

Michael Shadlen, MD, PhD, tells BBC Radio how the brain decides what information bubbles up into conciousness.

Growth & Development October 6, 2016

Teens' Penchant For Risk-Taking May Help Them Learn Faster

Daphna Shohamy, PhD, and her team test whether teens' drive for rewards, and the risk-taking that comes from it, exist for a reason.