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BrainSTEM: DNA Sequencing and Precision Medicine


High School


Essential Questions

What is precision medicine? How does DNA sequencing work? How can DNA sequences inform medicine? Who should/should not get their DNA sequenced?





Source Material

The Stavros Niarchos Brain Insight Lecture, “Finding the Right Medicine One Patient at a Time: Developing Targeted Treatments to Combat Neurological Disease.”

By David Goldstein, PhD, Professor of Medical and Surgical Research (in Genetics and Development) (in the Institute for Genomic Medicine and Neurology) and Director of Institute for Genomic Medicine, Columbia's Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons.



Created by

Vincent Joralemon
Gemma Lenowitz
Patricia Pena-Carty
Meng-Ping Tu

Adapted by

Erik Shold

Edited by

Paula Croxson, PhD
Alice Freudenthal Cardoso

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