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Saturday Science

Nurturing a love of science at a monthly event for families and community groups
Saturday Science is a hands-on brain science event for students, families and local community groups hosted by the Zuckerman Institute in partnership with BioBus and Columbia University scientists and students. Events run approximately monthly throughout the school year and are themed to reflect the wide range of topics and discoveries in neuroscience. Children of all ages are invited to participate in engaging and informative activities to learn about the mind and its mysteries.

Saturday Science Returns to Manhattanville!
Join us as we return to Manhattanville! Students, families, and community groups are invited to join scientists at the Zuckerman Institute to explore the workings of the brain through hands-on activities and unique scientific resources. Activities and demonstrations are designed to be engaging and informative and launch points for further exploration, reflection, and discovery. 

Events are free and open to the public. Content is geared toward middle school students, but learners of all ages are welcome. 

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, Saturday Science moved to Saturday Science at Home. Students and families were invited to pick up free science kits at school or a nearby library and invited to a virtual activities day led by Columbia University scientists and students. You can download both English and Spanish instructions for independent learning. Check out our video guides below for some fun, easy-to-do neuroscience activities. All of our activities can be done with items you can easily find at home!

Saturday Science is brought to you by the Zuckerman Institute, BioBus, Columbia University Neuroscience Outreach and Columbia Neuroscience Society.

Can’t make it to our live Zoom event? 

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May 21 2022 1:00 pm

Saturday Science returns to Manhattanville!

Join us for fun and interactive activities on the theme The Future in Mind.

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Videos About Saturday Science


In the first Saturday Science: Home Edition video graduate student Abby shows you how to make your very own neuron out of pipe cleaners and beads!

Seeing Double

In the second Saturday Science: Home Edition video graduate student Risa shows you how to make your very own thaumotrope or “wonder spinner”!

Brain Hats

In the third Saturday Science: Home Edition video graduate student Nick shows you how to make your very own brain hat!

Saturday Science Home Addition: Test Your Touch

Saturday Science Home Addition: Synapse Toss

Saturday Science Home Addition: Sneaky Sense

Community Events and Programs at Manhattanville

Manhattanville welcomed families on campus to explore their curiosity and creativity

Nurturing Future Scientists

The Zuckerman Institute’s Education Lab on Columbia’s Manhattanville campus hosts a variety of hands-on brain science programs for people of all ages in the local community.


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