Columbia University in the City of New York

Our Goals

Medium spiny neurons (white), which play a key role in initiating and controlling body movement, in the striatum brain region of a mouse. (Credit: Gabriela Martins/Costa lab/Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute).

At Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute, we believe that transformative science can change the world.


This belief drives everything we do.

We invest in people. Cultivating an environment that supports researchers at all stages of their careers enables us to take the risks that drive discovery.

We seek diversity. Including people with different backgrounds, perspectives and areas of expertise allows us to ask new questions and follow the science wherever it may lead.

We foster collaboration. Building partnerships between laboratories and across disciplines empowers us to push the boundaries of knowledge.

Guided by these values, we pioneer urgently needed insights into mind, brain and behavior that benefit health and society.