Columbia University in the City of New York

Credit: John Abbott for Columbia's Zuckerman Institute

Bianca Jones Marlin, PhD

Herbert and Florence Irving Assistant Professor of Cell Research at the Zuckerman Institute; Principal Investigator at Columbia's Zuckerman Institute


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Curious Minds: Can You Inherit Stress on Your DNA?

Do the experiences of your father leave a mark on your genes? Can trauma be passed down from generation to generation? Neuroscientist Bianca Jones Marlin, PhD, has been combing the DNA of mice to explore these questions, bringing us one step closer to understanding our full genetic inheritance.

Answering Questions About the Brain

Dr. Marlin answers Fox 5 NY viewers' questions.

Science of Love with Bianca Jones Marlin

Oxytocin, the so-called “love drug,” has been the subject of ongoing debate surrounding its impact on the human brain — but what does the latest science show? Bianca Jones Marlin looks at the brains of female mice to see how oxytocin affects the behavior of mothers, and explores how this research could offer solutions for human children who suffer neglect.