Columbia University in the City of New York

2020 Year in Review

New Report Highlights How Our Institute Adapted, Responded and Thrived in A Challenging Year

On the right: Drosophila embryo neuroblast (Credit: Minoree Kohwi / Columbia's Zuckerman Institute)


2020 was a year of challenge and change. Our Institute adapted, evolved and flourished.

Our researchers and staff sprang into action to fight COVID-19, showcasing the heart of our people and illustrating the value we hold in our mission of science for humanity. In the midst of COVID-19 we saw demonstrations of anti-Black violence, reaffirming our need to do more to combat structural racism. Through all of this, we continued to search for new knowledge and do the transformative research we were made to do.

Here, in our first-ever year in review, you will see highlights from 2020, from our scientific advancements to our institutional growth. As we move forward, we look forward to what else we will uncover in our search for answers to the brain’s mysteries.

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