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Staff Associate III - Salzman Lab

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At the Zuckerman Institute, we are committed to becoming a more inclusive, equitable and diverse place of scientific discovery and support a culture of respect. Promoting diversity in science will help drive the transformative science that can change the world. 

Situated in the Jerome L. Greene Science Center on Columbia’s Manhattanville campus, the state-of-the-art building offers an environment where the highest level of scholarly scientific research takes place on a daily basis, with the benefit of being located in the heart of New York, one of the world’s most vibrant and culturally rich cities.

The Staff Associate III will be responsible for conducting and overseeing all animal husbandry, protocols, lab procedures and safety procedures in relation to work in the non-human primates(NHPs). In addition, Staff Associate III will be responsible for orienting and training lab personnel ranging from Staff Associate I, Staff Associate II, Research Staff Assistants and Graduate Students who will be working on training research models. Finally, the Staff Associate III will also assist investigators in research activities and carry out assigned laboratory duties according to standard and specified procedures in the Salzman lab.


- Implementing and conducting studies in the behavioral training of NHPs 
- Maintaining compliance of all animal care protocols, with chemical and drug safety and all other safety procedures for the lab; Will perform hands-on routine care for the health and safety of the animal subjects (NHPs)
- Will serve as lead assistant during animal surgeries and will be responsible for performing minimally invasive procedures such as maintenance of implants and catheter cleaning 
- Will train current and new lab members in animal care protocols and surgical techniques 


Minimum Qualifications:

- Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience or the Biological Sciences.

- Must have experience working in an animal research environment, must be trained to assist with animal surgeries and conduct behavioral training modules. Prior knowledge working and training large vertebrate animals.