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Research Staff Assistant - Salzman Lab

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Situated in the Jerome L. Greene Science Center on Columbia’s Manhattanville campus, the state-of-the-art building offers an environment where the highest level of scholarly scientific research takes place on a daily basis, with the benefit of being located in the heart of New York, one of the world’s most vibrant and culturally rich cities.

The laboratory of Dr. Daniel Salzman in the Department of Neuroscience has an open position for a highly motivated Research Staff Assistant to gain proficiency in a dynamic, collaborative research environment, assisting in investigating the neuronal circuits that process aversive and appetitive experiences in rodents.

This is a full-time grant funded role.



- Under the direction of the PI, perform tasks with rodents and/or non-human primates,
- Under the direction of the PI, perform whole-brain histology, handle rodents and/or non-human primates for behavioral task performance
- Use software applications to process data sets.
- Perform general lab management duties, including animal husbandry, ordering supplies, sustaining inventories and maintenance of instruments, assisting with administrative and documentation tasks relates to experiments.


Minimum Qualifications:

- A bachelor's degree in neuroscience, biology, or other related area of science or engineering is required.

- The willingness and ability to learn specific techniques for performing tasks is required.


Preferred Qualifications:

- The ideal candidate must possess strong organizational skills, keep excellent notes, show sound judgment, and have a collaborative style that fosters teamwork and cooperation as well as the ability to work independently within a diverse and dynamic team environment.

- Prior experience in rodent wet labs, rodent handling and rodent surgery is desirable but not required.

- Prior experience performing tissue histology and antibody staining is desirable but not required.

- Prior Experience with ImageJ, Matlab, R-Studio, Arduino, and Python, with programming experience in any and all of above is desirable but not required.