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Brain Awareness Week

Elementary school students discover the wonders of the brain at a Community Brain Expo, held in celebration of Brain Awareness Week (Credit: Eileen Barroso/Columbia University).

A Global Celebration of the Brain

**Dear community members,

We would like to share an update about campus events and COVID-19 (Coronavirus). We have postponed or cancelled Brain Awareness Week events in compliance with Columbia University's recommendation to minimize non-essential events that involve large groups of people for the next 30 days. The well-being of our community remains a top priority.

We will keep you informed about rescheduling events as we monitor the situation. Updates on Columbia University's guidance regarding COVID-19 response and campus operations can be found here.**

Held every year in March, Brain Awareness Week is an international campaign to boost public awareness about brain research and celebrate the wonders of the mind and brain. There’s no better place to get up close and personal with the three-pound marvel in your head than at Columbia University. Working with science and education partners throughout New York, Columbia hosts and organizes a variety of Brain Awareness Week events for curious folks of all ages.

For the extended week of March 14 - 25, we will explore a wide range of topics. Middle- and high-school students can learn about the brain at our STEM Starters workshop. Public talks for adults will showcase the connections between art and the brain. And kids get their feet moving and their brain cells firing at family-friendly events in Morningside Heights, Manhattanville and Harlem.

Each year, we invite our neighbors to join us for these free public events featuring head-scratching lectures and mind-boggling activities for every age. The world-renowned research in brain science happening at Columbia University is advancing our understanding of how the brain works. March is your chance to learn about the latest discoveries. Check out featured Brain Awareness Week events below, or click here to view all events.


Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute is a proud partner of braiNY, a coalition of universities, museums, and cultural groups around New York City that join efforts to showcase the wonders and mysteries of the brain to people of all ages. The events of braiNY build on Brain Awareness Week, an annual campaign of the Dana Foundation, which includes events in over 25 countries. Join the conversation on why it is important to be braiNY on Facebook and Twitter (@ComeBeBraiNY). Check out all braiNY events at

Videos Featuring Brain Awareness Week

2014 Community Brain Expo

Students, parents, and teachers were invited to learn about the brain through demonstrations, experiments, and activities for all ages at an expo held in celebration of Brain Awareness Week.